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Commodity Labs is your bi-weekly write-up about energy markets with insights and data to stay impressively informed.
Backstories of startups that change the world. We spend hours studying impactful startups so you can learn from them.
I explore the beautiful continent of Africa and the ways we can harness the interplay between our natural resource wealth, people, and technology to solve some of our continent's greatest challenges.
9am26 is a biweekly newsletter on all things product design leadership: design and research practice, managing people and teams, finding our places in tech product orgs, scaling and maturity, describing best practices and new ways of being a design leader from great companies and design teams.
An AI research scientist deconstructing AI, tech, and the world the two are making. Expert takes delivered informally to your inbox, separating the hype from the substance and telling you what to think about, but not what to think.
A monthly newsletter on human-focused, evidence-based architecture and urban design.
Products we all need in our everyday lives.
My goal is to help you become the best version of yourself.
A newsletter for science fiction book lovers.
AI insights, tools, guides for creators and entrepreneurs
The Short Corner is a free morning newsletter for both casual and obsessive soccer fans.
As Dan Koe said, the niche is me. Knowledge Realm is just my lessons and learnings throughout the week. I’ll share the topics I’m interested in and spend my time online. From business case studies to AI tools to blogging, I got you covered.
Exploring mindfulness and meditation in the digital age. Join us as we set about decompressing ourselves from the digital mind-melt.
A brief and exclusive newsletter sent every Saturday on my favorite content, hacks, or experiences in that week.
Bi-weekly Stories About tech and VC in Africa. BD Insider is a bi-weekly newsletter about the latest happenings on tech, startups and entrepreneurship in Africa.