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The newsletter focused on politics, international relations, and the interplay of politics and economics, anchored in history, and focused on the future.
I've been reading some very interesting books lately, stuff that's making a difference in how I see things. I thought, why not write down beneficial things and share them with you.
"Healthy Body Is Yours" is a newsletter dedicated to helping you achieve and maintain optimal health through practical advice, expert insights, and motivational content. This subscription-based newsletter is tailored for those who are passionate about wellness and eager to make informed decisions about their health. Each edition covers a range of topics, from nutrition and fitness to mental well-being and preventive healthcare.
Discover the best artificial intelligence tools you can use in any of your day-to-day life activities, business, and education
The newsletter explores my journey to becoming a published (traditional or self) children’s writer and where I chat about my 2 dogs and the shenanigans going on in my life. My upcoming podcast will be exploring the weird world around us and interviewing the man on the street.
Evidence summaries connecting nutrition with brain health, neuroscience and eating psychology, delivered twice per month. A Registered Dietitian curates the latest research about nutrition for neurological disease, mental health and mood, memory, eating disorders and more.
Flow State is a free daily newsletter covering the intersection of Bitcoin and traditional finance. Get timely insights on institutional crypto adoption and how the smart money moves in Bitcoin and crypto.
A simple insight into stories and events usually forgotten by the world, as well as some interesting geographical areas and a touch on environmental issues.
The Daily Soccer is your daily (oddly enough) guide through the global soccer scene, delivering inside commentary and a savvy spin on all the latest goings on. Our daily dispatches are for those who love the game but don’t take it—or themselves—too seriously. As well as those who do. Try it, you might like it...
Join 1,000+ golfers for a weekly newsletter with indoor golf news, expert sim tips, a little bit of humor, and unbeatable deals.
Realistic and practical psychology tips for your daily life improvement and a little enjoyment with horror stories here and there!
We dive into the depths of community building, we're not just bringing you information; we're bringing you stories, lessons, and a whole lot of positive energy to fuel your journey. This newsletter is for community enthusiasts or entrepreneurs looking at community-led growth. We bring you case studies, deep dive into the community, and what happens behind the scenes while building community for different businesses!
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The latest news about Russia and Ukraine, hand-picked for you every weekday morning (09:30 GMT+3).
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