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A substack for music discovery and discussion — articles with playlists totaling over 40 hours of obscure or under-appreciated music from the 1940s-2020s
Join founders learning practical marketing and proven growth strategies. Save 100+ hours of research with free weekly 5-minutes reports on entrepreneurship. With Founder Notes, my mission is to provide you with valuable insights and strategies to help you succeed in your entrepreneurial journey. Here's how I aim to support you: 1. Uncover the secrets of top founders: I studied the strategies employed by successful entrepreneurs to build their audiences and grow their businesses. 2. Empower your own growth: I provide actionable tactics that you can adapt and implement to fuel the growth of your own business. 3. Get Inspired: I share quotes that sharpen your mind and ignite creativity, reminding you that innovation thrives on diverse perspectives and thinking beyond conventions. Starting a business from scratch can be challenging. Late nights and hard work are often met with the frustration of having no customers. Well, worry no more because I've got your back! Every week, I dedicate hours to researching new business opportunities and engaging in discussions with founders. What sets my newsletter apart is that I not only share what they're doing now, but I also provide insights into their early days when they had no audience. These are the actionable steps you can replicate for your own journey.
Follow my adventures at Puddock Hill in Eastern Pennsylvania as I work to promote natural communities in my own backyard--and yours!
Free top online marketing guides, videos, software, plus free ads to increase your profits and more! A must-have resource for internet and affiliate marketers. Increase your views, clicks, sales, and profits from your promotional efforts and work from home programs.
Enjoy a weekly dose of wanderlust filled with top travel deals, gear, and inspo for your next adventure.
no BS, only stuff that we use on a daily basis in our projects. Practical and real-world applications from our music studio.
Get a series of curated essays on the mindset of a senior software engineer. What it takes to get there, what should you do when you're there, how to change the way you think.
LevelUp is a must-have weekly newsletter tailored for tech professionals in Latin America aspiring to elevate their global careers. It provides curated insights on international career trends, and bespoke employability advice, and showcases weekly job opportunities with industry-leading companies. Designed to enhance global employability, LevelUp equips its subscribers with the knowledge and tools to break barriers and access worldwide opportunities. By subscribing, you're staying updated and taking a pivotal step toward global career success. Reach for the world with LevelUp.
A newsletter about trauma, C-PTSD, my psychedelic-assisted therapy journey, and stories that shed some light on how I got here.
A free product discovery newsletter that will help you find awesome things every week. Delivered every Sunday to your inbox. Brief and easy to skim.
Each week you will receive a new business idea directly to your inbox. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur, a seasoned business owner, or simply a curious mind, this newsletter is designed to equip you with the knowledge, insights, and strategies needed to turn bold ideas into successful ventures.
Photography, backpacking, and philosophical hatchet work. Inspired by life in the wild.
Mostly film, television, and music reviews. Also: celebrity profiles, industry news, and more.
Every week, we send 2 no-BS emails to our 10K+ startup founders. We are all about sales, marketing, recruiting, and operations in SaaS and agency space and we share well-researched and practical guides and tips from 9-fig startup founders. You get proven strategies and resources that ACTUALLY help you grow your SaaS or agency - guaranteed.
Digging into what makes the culinary world work. Looking at future technology in the food service industry as well as the history of everyday foods that we all love!