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The Affluent Edit is a weekly newsletter published by luxury lifestyle expert Latia Nelson, providing insights on trends in the luxury and lifestyle sectors. Each week, I publish editorials and essays on many luxury topics, such as travel, real estate, fashion, home, and more.
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Everything posted on the College Craft newsletter is 100% free! Get essay, application, interview, and organizational tips (that would normally be behind a paywall) for free! Our writers are Admit-U cofounders Santiago Burgos and Daniela Tróchez. They have both successfully gone through the college admissions process. Daniela is heading to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Santiago got a full-ride scholarship to Asbury University as an international student. Rest assured, the advice you receive comes from people who have recently completed this long, complicated process!
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A random assortment of writings from a chaotic mind and life. There is no topic too difficult or too taboo to write about, it's all about putting passion on paper and reminding ourselves we're not alone.
A space for the moments in between. Weekly letters on healing in nature, mindfulness, and living an intentional, aligned life.
Power Pumps 👠, is a newsletter that keeps busy professional women hip and on trend in their personal and professional life, by curating premium-quality lifestyle enhancing products and workplace productivity tools.
Keep up with Lake Norman's moves! Lake Norman is a man-made lake north of Charlotte, NC and acts as the cultural and recreational hub for the region. LKN Moves shares weekly news, events, and information, as well as monthly localized real estate reports for the communities around Lake Norman.
A weekly dose of top tier insights from the world of Luxury!
My thoughts on pursuing a soft life full of joy, ease, self-love, comfort, growth and abundance.
Weekly newsletter doses of stories, ideas & experiences that moved me— Explore themes of creativity, personal growth & fulfillment to inspire your transformative journey.
Follow my adventures at Puddock Hill in Eastern Pennsylvania as I work to promote natural communities in my own backyard--and yours!
A newsletter about trauma, C-PTSD, my psychedelic-assisted therapy journey, and stories that shed some light on how I got here.
A free product discovery newsletter that will help you find awesome things every week. Delivered every Sunday to your inbox. Brief and easy to skim.
A home for my love of writing, introspective excavation, and self expression. Each essay is an invitation for you to be a part of this journey with me and grow in the process. My hope is to provide inspiration for creating the life you desire, one dare at a time.