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Digging into what makes the culinary world work. Looking at future technology in the food service industry as well as the history of everyday foods that we all love!
A newsletter that makes you want to eat. I write about food I have eaten all over the world but most often in my home region of the north west of England - especially Manchester.
Food membership community featuring vibrant veg dishes for enthusiastic cooks. Focused on cooking technique, big flavours and the pursuit of extreme deliciousness.
Fast Food Secrets Club provides a free newsletter Monday, Wednesday, and Friday that is filled with fast food / dine-in coupons, menu hacks, recipes, reviews, and lots of entertainment and laughs.
Using my extensive background as a chef to explore different culinary traditions, and using my curious mind to explore UAP/UFO, machine learning, robotics, automation, and everything else that I find interesting.
Weekly musings on dating, relationships and the self from a chef who loves craft cocktails. Introspective journal prompts. Recipes. Poetry. Ephemera.
Wine meets Food. Dosage is for wine enthusiasts wanting to get the most out of food pairings. Landing in your inbox every Friday morning GMT with a new drink, recipe, interview or all three.
Enjoy delicious, homecooked recipes straight from your inbox. You'll be one step closer to never having to think about what's for dinner (or any other meal) again.
Dietitian and mom-approved techniques to feeding yourself and your family well.
Giving cooking the attention it deserves
The Secret History (and Future) of Home Economics
The stories and personalities behind Copenhagen's restaurant scene
A free weekly email highlighting cooking techniques, ingredients, and lessons that will make you a better cook. ���
Simple plant-based recipes, tips, tricks, new product alerts, ingredient spotlights, reviews, and more