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Dr Essai, The World's Most Attentive Man™, makes sense of a random universe: essays on culture, politics, and life's rich pageant.
Some might call us a community of degens obsessed with bringing Enlightenment to the Crypto Community
Highlighting the story of Crypto - as it's told over time. The board, the players, and the game itself. Follow along as we catalog and organize the chaos.
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The latest in Data Protection & Privacy Law
Wine meets Food. Dosage is for wine enthusiasts wanting to get the most out of food pairings. Landing in your inbox every Friday morning GMT with a new drink, recipe, interview or all three.
The Weekly Newsletter is a small, but popular newsletter in the world. Every Sunday, the latest issue is sent to many people – mostly women, but open to join for everyone. Each message includes a meaningful thought, personal learning or idea, meant to start a conversation. The Weekly usually takes 1 minute to read, but it will keep you thinking all day.
The Newsletter That Sends You Back to the Classic Rock, Prog, Pop, & Punk Rock '70s!
Highlighting the plight of history's largest creatures and the oceans in which they reside.
Essays and explorations for deep thinkers and nostalgia seekers.
Only Believe , a newsletter bringing you inspired teachings from His present presence, giving you access to presents that will empower you to manifest as a son/daughter of God on earth (Ps 16:11; Rom 8:19).