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A newsletter made by a guy who likes learning. I send you a daily snippet of my learning so you have something to learn everyday :)
The Ruby on Rails notes you wished you had — now in newsletter format!
A daily newsletter where I share my observations about our changing technological and societal landscape with you. Nuanced takes on technology, society, and the future: dive deep with thoughtful insights and critical thinking.
50 software engineering jobs from high-quality startups backed by top VCs. Curated manually from 30+ job boards to ensure quality & freshness. Plus curated content to help devs supercharge startup careers.
GPT Hacks is a newsletter for business leaders, founders, and entrepreneurs that want to leverage AI to grow their businesses.
Explore culinary adventures and travel gems in one exciting newsletter for foodies and explorers.
AILG is a newsletter on the latest AI tools and news that help with growth marketing (ads creations, copywriting, crm, etc)
A daily journal that navigates the life of Abbas A Malakar through narrations of profoundly personal lived experiences within realms of art, music and love.
Learn how to maximize your points and travel in style. Join 1,900 travelers.
essays of a 25 yr old disabled Kurdish woman navigating life, love, grief, growing up, and most importantly - herself.
Arthinkal Magazine is a weekly online magazine that publishes brief biographies of influential personalities from all walks of life and articles on literature, music, art, history, philosophy, politics, law, and social issues. I hope to help anyone who’s interested in learning about great men and women who have changed the world for good and have left an indelible mark on the history of mankind, while at the same time expressing my views on topics that pique my curiosity and interest.
Curated newsletter covering all things SMB or we call it Main Street mergers and acquisitions. Podcasts, News, Articles, and events.
Talking about things that have to be talked about. A newsletter about my thoughts on culture, society problems and philosophy.
Work Smart Wednesday provides actionable advice to help entrepreneurs to work less and make more. Tips, tools, and other time-savers hand-picked by @JohnJDMunn. Would a productivity expert waste your time?
Introducing a captivating and engaging newsletter that skillfully blends information and entertainment to deliver a truly immersive news experience.