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The Australian government (federal, state and local levels) committed democide, torture and mass murder during ‘covid zero’ and beyond. Here I document their crimes. Using their own documents, legally obtained, I name the correct perpetrators during this mass slaughter.
Conservation fell victim to the free market. I'm exposing the organizations that enable the climate and biodiversity crises.
Resumen diario de noticias. Actualidad internacional en materia de política, sociedad, tecnología, ciencia y deporte.
Get smarter faster on the world’s most dynamic region. Bulleted expert insights on global and Asia security and foreign policy – with a focus on Southeast Asia.
A weekly newsletter about national myth-making with miniature works of art.
Every few weeks I send a newsletter on politics, economics, or international affairs where I analyze a consequential contemporary matter through multiple lenses to add insight for readers and encourage discussion on complex subjects.
I am a warrior against the public-private-for-profit- nonprofit wealth concentration and redistribution industrial complex. Follow me and learn about the truth hidden in plain sight.
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Get smarter about African business, money and current affairs in less than 5 mins a day, for free.
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Public Sphere is a newsletter for people trying to make sense of this current moment of democratic decline — and not just in the context of Donald Trump.
We live in an unhappy world. Enjoy news, analysis and opinion on how we got there.
Get smarter about African business, money and current affairs in less than 5 minutes a day for free.
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