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Amplify your AWESOMENESS with FREE visual guides - that I call LifeMaps - which teach success strategies and mindsets in a way that's fun, visual, and easy to understand.
Where an autistic editor explores belonging, healing and expression. Get incisive, heart-centered guidance for your half-written newsletters and dusty drafts from Amanda Hinton, developmental editor, writing guide and mother.
From thought-provoking articles on Christian living and personal growth to uplifting messages of motivation and destiny.
The Thought Bubble is a quick and compact newsletter that gets you thinking about popular self help concepts, so you can constantly be working and improving to be your best self.
DailyNata is a newsletter dedicated to helping people learn European Portuguese. It offers free content in the form of emails containing funny jokes, cool quotes, and short stories. Subscribers receive 2-4 lessons in their inbox each week, with all content being freshly created and never duplicated. The emails also feature native pronunciations from a voice actor.
My goal is to help you become the best version of yourself.
One Leadership email per week with guidance, resources and tools to help you become a better Leader and elevate yourself to the next level. Join 4500+ others moving from Managing to Leading.
The Weekly Newsletter is a small, but popular newsletter in the world. Every Sunday, the latest issue is sent to many people – mostly women, but open to join for everyone. Each message includes a meaningful thought, personal learning or idea, meant to start a conversation. The Weekly usually takes 1 minute to read, but it will keep you thinking all day.
Wisdom & Radical Candor Every Week
Bite-sized explorations of the biggest topics in life.
Taking an oblique look at psychology, philosophy, science, and mysticism to get more out of life.
Enabling people & organisations in designing & achieving their growth goals
A weekly newsletter with stories, mental models, and ideas to make you more successful in life. Learn useful ideas in 90 seconds.
The Wildroot Parables is a home for nature-based Christians as well as Christianity-adjacent nature folk. Weekly poetry, essays, and more.
Take action through discipline