Art Newsletters

The Latent Book Club throws our spotlight on the best books that lurk in the shadows, that you have probably missed. We then wring the hidden meaning from them: in our analysis, in our interpretation, than one might at the first pass. In this way we expose what is concealed: by finding the esoteric, and exposing its secrets.
Weekly short stories about being human in possible futures and far away places. Updated every Wednesday.
Photography, backpacking, and philosophical hatchet work. Inspired by life in the wild.
A daily journal that navigates the life of Abbas A Malakar through narrations of profoundly personal lived experiences within realms of art, music and love.
In a digital world, nothing’s sweeter than snail mail! Weekly snail mail prompts, templates for your own mailable art projects, and vintage snail mail gems, plus a monthly postcard-sized story based on reader-generated prompts.
This is a weekly publication melding art and the outdoors -- exploring all things creative and artistic, outdoorsy and adventurous.
This is the exclusive showcase for my portfolio of digital art, and experimental music. Each post features a 15 minute long 4K music video. I never use artificial intelligence in my work.
A short monthly newsletter where I offer my thoughts on my art, photography, and life in general. Be part of a journey you won't regret.
Art without the confusing art speak. Weekly stories, audio posts and bonus bits n bobs exploring all the human, chewy, interesting ideas and stuff of life that art responds to.
The joy of making. The journey of becoming.
Multi-chapter full page humor comics, stories and podcast whose topics range from the oddball to the hilarious. Drawn and created by E.R. Flynn a cartoonist and Illustrator in the Pacific Northwest.
Turning food into still life first and dinner second. Art and recipes.
An original poem, explained to make it understandable, with a life lesson to make it practical, once a week on Tuesdays at 10:30AM. Poetry as a simple guide to living.
Earthnerds + Bookworms is a newsletter that features book reviews for a changing climate, ponderings on the garden + nature from a homestead, visual explorations of environmental collapse, and random plantlore. Join my virtual eco-conscious forest commune + subscribe below to stay up to date with my nerdiness.
These stories are written by dreamers. About life, love, and the pursuit of paying rent. Weekly fictional vignette about NYC characters.