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Arthinkal Magazine is a weekly online magazine that publishes brief biographies of influential personalities from all walks of life and articles on literature, music, art, history, philosophy, politics, law, and social issues. I hope to help anyone who’s interested in learning about great men and women who have changed the world for good and have left an indelible mark on the history of mankind, while at the same time expressing my views on topics that pique my curiosity and interest.
The Commentary is a conversation about important issues that affect people that are important, You. I address issues that include technology, society and humanity.
Let’s face it: The internet is too big. It’s impossible to consume it all, and honestly, you’re too busy to go looking for it. That’s where Critical Linking comes in. It’s a weekly newsletter run by Cary Littlejohn, a writer/editor who has, at various times, worn the hats of a newspaper reporter, attorney, and teacher, and consumes dozens of magazines, newspapers, websites, newsletters, blogs, podcasts, TV shows, and movies every week to recommend what you should check out. After reading, you’ll never be without something interesting to share, whether around the water cooler at work, on a date over dinner and drinks, or just in your favorite group chat among friends and family. I can't promise you all the must-read content for a given week, but I can promise you everything included will be worth your time.
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