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A port where journeymen rediscover hidden ways to size their own potential in the US through world architecture, super-volcanoes, village-family heritages, faraway restaurant systems, noise v. worth perception, & traditional-modern professional mobility. - Great for those with mixed heritages, those with world-oriented interests, expats, foreign students, first generation migrants, ancient wisdom enthusiasts, and world travelers
Curated weekly short story fiction with a philosophical and ethical focus direct from our monthly literary magazine. Perfect for a quiet read, classrooms, or books clubs!
A daily newsletter where I share my observations about our changing technological and societal landscape with you. Nuanced takes on technology, society, and the future: dive deep with thoughtful insights and critical thinking.
Talking about things that have to be talked about. A newsletter about my thoughts on culture, society problems and philosophy.
Writings that touch what is natural, meaningful, and essential.
In a Perma-Crisis world, how do we build resilient organisations to weather the storms?
Small Articles on Gigantic Ideas