Philosophy Newsletters

Missing Pages is a podcast that explores the history of the United States and critically examines the high school AP US History curriculum. Through deep dives into key events, people, narratives, and themes, I seek to uncover the fascinating stories and overlooked perspectives that make up America's rich and complex past. From colonial times to the present day, no topic is off-limits as we explore the triumphs, tragedies, and everything in between. Get ready for a journey through the missing pages of history.
A thought project inviting presence through everyday objects, images, words, and experiences.
Speaking in Tongues is an online publication which presents the parts of Biblical Scripture that are lost in translation. Each post focuses on the original Greek and Hebrew text and the information in those languages which cannot be rendered in English.
Reviews of recent books in critical theory, sociology, politics, philosophy, and history. Short essays on key concepts, ideas, and events of relevance to critical theorists and social critics. One e-mail every two weeks. Theorizing the social world.
A weekly serving of seven things for you to savor. Hand-rolled and algorithm-free. An email containing my reflections on interesting things I find laying about, seasoned with some quotes from my collection. 5 minutes of reading, no hooks, no guest posts.
A port where journeymen rediscover hidden ways to size their own potential in the US through world architecture, super-volcanoes, village-family heritages, faraway restaurant systems, noise v. worth perception, & traditional-modern professional mobility. - Great for those with mixed heritages, those with world-oriented interests, expats, foreign students, first generation migrants, ancient wisdom enthusiasts, and world travelers
Curated weekly short story fiction with a philosophical and ethical focus direct from our monthly literary magazine. Perfect for a quiet read, classrooms, or books clubs!
A daily newsletter where I share my observations about our changing technological and societal landscape with you. Nuanced takes on technology, society, and the future: dive deep with thoughtful insights and critical thinking.
Talking about things that have to be talked about. A newsletter about my thoughts on culture, society problems and philosophy.
Writings that touch what is natural, meaningful, and essential.
In a Perma-Crisis world, how do we build resilient organisations to weather the storms?
Small Articles on Gigantic Ideas