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A collection of mind-bending sentences with new editions sent to you multiple times per week. Purely abstract writing. Stretch your wit!
Combining little financial literacy and well-being with some general talks to help you create a life you enjoy. Join me on my journey to find balance and abundance!
Creative Biz Pulse is the go-to weekly newsletter for where creative entrepreneurs get exclusive tips, strategies, and resources on how to turn their creativity and passion into a profitable business and how to take their creative business to the next level. Target audiences include freelance writers, artists, photographers, designers, decorators, solopreneurs, etc. The goal is to provide tips, resources, and expert advice that will help them have a successful venture in the creative industry.
Our best music discoveries (weekly)
Know the differences, grow your business.
Five practical tips every Friday for making your life more joyful and easy. A wildly popular email newsletter with thousands of readers and a nearly 80% open rate.
A bimonthly interactive yoga publication filled with personally curated recommendations and reflections all about mindfulness and the yoga journey. Featuring tailored journal prompts, pre-recorded practices, and so much more. Published every other friday.
I am a warrior against the public-private-for-profit- nonprofit wealth concentration and redistribution industrial complex. Follow me and learn about the truth hidden in plain sight.
See, now to me, that button is in the worst possible spot. The second button literally makes or breaks the shirt. Look at it. It's too high! It's in no man's land. You look like you live with your mother.
Welcome to Hyperopia! I'm Finn, a Data Scientist at Roche, with a passion for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Ethics and using Technology for good. In my newsletter I forage for insights in topics such as innovation, philosophy, psychology and economics. My aim is to bring these to you in an enjoyable, digestable way, so we that can all learn together.
A daily "quick read" newsletter uncovering a single thought, idea, or recent event that is on my mind.
Comprehensive Stock Research. Each article will be dedicated to a single company
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Dis you know this? Fun and interesting facts.