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The Lunar Dispatch is a free monthly newsletter that delivers the latest news—and philosophical ruminations—on the Moon.
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A Newsletter Making It Easy for You to Protect the Places You Love from Climate Change
Weekly newsletter about how batteries power our world and their purpose in our energy future.
Every month, I'll be bringing you The Monthly with All That Geo, a newsletter featuring exclusive learning experiences around spatial data visualisation, analysis and storytelling.
Exploring space and our Moon, for a better future for humanity ~ By Jatan Mehta, Contributing Editor for The Planetary Society
Lawyer by day, extremely devoted truth seeker by night. Nice to meet you, I'm Mo. I'm a (relatively) young lawyer with a passion for everything outside of the legal realm. Above all else, I've always felt passionate about discovering the truth of our existence. I hope to dive deep into controversial/mysterious topics across subjects like history, economics, science, geopolitics, paranormal/supernatural happenings, and even (credible) conspiratorial events. Maybe one of these days I'll even cover some legal topics like "Why is the Constitution important?" or "What are my rights when pulled over by a police officer?" I'm a self-proclaimed researcher extraordinaire, so in my posts you'll find a tremendous wealth of knowledge and information - a degree to which you won't find anywhere else. My goal is to inform you of everything you might need to know, and learn some for myself in the process. Through mutual knowledge, I truly believe we become better.
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