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On The Whistle is the premiere newsletter covering African football (soccer). I cover stories from across the continent ranging from the biggest matches (I'm currently covering the Africa Cup of Nations in Ivory Coast) to the smallest stories such as how women's football has grown in countries like Tanzania and Kenya.
A free women's soccer newsletter for all things games, gossip and goals. Subscribe to get the biggest stories 📚 and highlights 🌟.
The Touchline is a twice weekly, free newsletter about football. Stories, analysis and interviews about the biggest leagues, clubs and events.
75 Adams Street is a free weekly newsletter about Barstool Sports - the personalities, stories and defining moments of the 20-year-old brand.
A free newsletter for all things Women's World Cup and Women's Soccer
Get smarter on Formula 1. Bi-weekly newsletter to help you learn the sport and stay updated with the latest F1 news & insights.
A free weekly newsletter about running. Interviews, stories, scene reports, coaching tips, and more.
The Short Corner is a free morning newsletter for both casual and obsessive soccer fans.
The GIST is a female-founded sports newsletter that gives you 'the gist' of what's happening in the sports world every Monday and Thursday in an easily digestible and entertaining five-minute read.The GIST's larger mission is to create an inclusive space for all sports fans while challenging the male-dominated industry. The company is female-led, and it aims to center women’s voices in the creation of sports content.