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Forests Over Trees connects the dots in tech. You’ll hear tech stories that build on each other, so you get a better idea of what these companies are up to. The goal? Share the bigger picture, so we don’t miss the forest for the trees.
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INTREPID ( is a European-funded project which aims to help first responders be more efficient by taking less risks. To do so it develops tool kit with software, artificial intelligence, drones, robots and new technologies. To answer the first responders requirements, they are part of the project as end users, and real life tests are made. The newsletter presents the news of the project, dedicated articles, focus on technologies...
GOOD INTERNET is a free publication about AI, the psychology of Social Media, Memetics, Technology and science, and some music, art and movies. Sometimes it’s just weird stuff. It’s decidedly lighthearted and fun, with some occasionally depth when needed.
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