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Musings about fly fishing, the outdoors, literature, teaching, philosophy.
Snoopy Alien's newsletter contains information about investing, trading options, and blockchain technology
A serial love letter to the people, art, and experiences that have touched me.
Bearded Chef‘s Bulletin - a subscription newsletter with concrete steps to creatively gather your people around good food, tunes, convos and fun. The Bulletin is a digital cohost that comes alongside you to help you invite people into your space, whatever that may look like. Each bulletin includes an adaptable recipe for a feasible feast, excellent music to set the vibe, a conversation starter, and some of the best, current internet finds.
The first black owned natural wine news outlet
Processing tech, growth, and creativity.
On being mentally strong, creatively fulfilled, and physically active
Every month, Ocho Founder, Ankur Nagpal, sends this public list the (almost identical) update sent to our stakeholders. Occasionally, sensitive information may need to be redacted, but as much as possible is shared publicly.
In a Perma-Crisis world, how do we build resilient organisations to weather the storms?
Rants and realizations from a junior Army officer. I don't want to lose the next war, so this newsletter discusses Army culture, physical training, and how to be better at our job - no political rhetoric involved.
Weekly musings on dating, relationships and the self from a chef who loves craft cocktails. Introspective journal prompts. Recipes. Poetry. Ephemera.
Make Motivation a Habit. Get 2-minute psychology tips in your inbox daily (M-F) to boost your productivity and strengthen your mindset.
This newsletter consists of different types of helpful content, mainly: 1) The Daily Plan - The daily plan is an informative and structured summary of all key details that may have an impact on the following trading day 2) Interviews with veteran traders and insight into their systems 3) Educational Posts
Develop, Nurture, and Grow Your Child's Emotional Intelligence & Soft Skills.
Obscure reflections on life and place