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What if magicians are just dirty liars? Did you know that knick knacks can make the difference between life and death? Let me guide you into the world of classic rock with my definitive, in-depth analysis. I can also fix all sports. In short, I have an opinion about everything, and this blog is the place to share it. If you enjoy humorous - yet deadly serious - takes on all the topics you love (or hate), then gather 'round and watch me shout from The Stump.
Luxury Living is a daily newsletter featuring some of the best homes on the market. It's both for those in the market as well as those who just enjoy checking out nice real estate.
Dive into the captivating world of Africa through my newsletter which serves as your gateway to the captivating world of African-inspired fiction. Whether you're a fellow writer, a film buff, or simply someone passionate about African culture, you'll find content here that speaks to your interests.
Mostly film, television, and music reviews. Also: celebrity profiles, industry news, and more.
We recently started a movie newsletter aiming to summarise the latest releases in one place and give many other recommendations on what to watch. The newsletter is free and always will be. We run it out of love for movies.
Join the exciting adventures of Agent Kira Wood and Mister, the Z'Dhia, as they travel across the galaxy to recover volumes of The Book of Dreams.
One short documentary or memoir, once a month. Every word is a universe. Let's explore them together.
A newsletter for science fiction book lovers.
1 Tip a Day offers to all NFT owners that want to be in the know with the constant web3 gaming changes but do not have a unique content source to support and drive their decisions, a dedicated newsletter with useful tips allowing them to get on track and learn how to get the most of their NFTs.
Come for the news, stay for the reviews.
We find useful online resources and share them with you so you don't have to search.
The true tales of a poet who is a clown.
Time is crucial. Those who wait to be warned by the mainstream media are zombies already. Don't be a zombie.
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