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Lead AI in Business — with Confidence. Get thought-provoking perspectives on Artificial Intelligence and Generative AI for leaders and hands-on experts. New posts every week. Views are my own.
Exploring AI in the creative industry. Empower, inspire and inform creative professional of latest AI insights in the creative industry.
Get more done with AI ⚡️ Join 1,000+ professionals who double productivity and accelerate their careers. Gain exclusive access to the latest AI industry trends, updates, and guides every Monday and Thursday.
Discover the ultimate insider's guide to AI startups and the brilliant minds behind them. Explore the innovative world of artificial intelligence ventures.
AI Unleashed: Weekly bites of AI smarts, from cool basics to savvy moneymaking tricks and trendy tech twists, for newbies and nerds alike!
Artificiality was founded in 2019 to help people make sense of artificial intelligence. We are artificial philosophers and meta-researchers. We believe that understanding AI requires synthesizing research across disciplines: behavioral economics, cognitive science, complexity science, computer science, decision science, design, neuroscience, philosophy, and psychology. We publish essays, podcasts, and research on AI including a Pro membership, providing advanced research to leaders with actionable intelligence and insights for applying AI.
An AI Filmmaking newsletter that covers the latest news, tools, and resources.
“AI Newsletter Today” is a unique resource for tech enthusiasts and professionals alike. Our mission is simple: to demystify complex AI research papers and present them in a format that resonates with the tech-savvy reader. Whether you're a seasoned tech expert or just a curious enthusiast, our content is tailored to bring the world of AI closer to you.
Unlock the potential of artificial intelligence in driving sales. Gain valuable insights, strategies, and case studies on leveraging AI to supercharge your sales process and stay ahead in today's competitive market.
Embracing Enigmas provides detailed breakdowns of what it takes to successfully apply AI, machine learning, and data science within an organization; easy ways to discern hard concepts that are shaping the world; and understanding of where the future is going.
The most practical AI Newsletter for creators and makers
1 Novel tool to use, 1 Surprise recipe to try and 1 Engaging material to explore from Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning - biweekly mail to make the most out of AI 🔥
Substack newsletter with a special focus on beginner-friendly tools and helpful tips for getting started with generative AI. For non-techy people passionate about using AI in their lives.
The most practical AI Newsletter for creators and makers
A place where we create generative AI Stories written entirely without human intervention. An experiment to see how well we can prompt to get great stories form AI. The results are surprisingly good.