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Embracing Enigmas provides detailed breakdowns of what it takes to successfully apply AI, machine learning, and data science within an organization; easy ways to discern hard concepts that are shaping the world; and understanding of where the future is going.
The most practical AI Newsletter for creators and makers
1 Novel tool to use, 1 Surprise recipe to try and 1 Engaging material to explore from Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning - biweekly mail to make the most out of AI 🔥
Substack newsletter with a special focus on beginner-friendly tools and helpful tips for getting started with generative AI. For non-techy people passionate about using AI in their lives.
The most practical AI Newsletter for creators and makers
A place where we create generative AI Stories written entirely without human intervention. An experiment to see how well we can prompt to get great stories form AI. The results are surprisingly good.
AI Vista is a newsletter focused on the ever-evolving landscape of Artificial Intelligence. Serving as your guide to the future, we provide weekly insights, in-depth analysis, and engaging discussions about the technology that's shaping our world. From groundbreaking advancements and industry news to ethical considerations and real-world applications, AI Vista cuts through the noise to deliver essential AI knowledge straight to your inbox. Ideal for tech enthusiasts, professionals, and the AI-curious alike, subscribe to explore and understand the world of AI with us.
🤖Your 5-minute guide to AI trends and tools! 🚀 57,000+ pioneers strong, with free welcome gift :)
Each Wednesday, I'll curate a remarkable repository, programmer, and organization from the data science community. 👨🏼‍💻
Stay ahead in AI with Superpower Daily - your daily dose of AI news and handpicked list of AI tools. Read by over 100,000 others from Meta, Google, Benchmark, Accel and Microsoft.
Your go-to digest for all things AI! Get the scoop on the latest AI news, discover cool tools, catch up on social trends, and learn something new about AI with's official newsletter.
This newsletter discusses the integration and applications of AI in today's world, all digestible while drinking your coffee. Each edition comes bundled with AI tools, a discussion-invoking writing, midjourney images, and more, all of which supports a theme or topic such as fitness and perfection.
What Did OpenAI Do This Week? alerts you to everything that’s going on without all the fluff and hot takes. Last week +100 new subscribers included execs from Apple, New York Times, OpenAI(!), Amazon, Tesco, Hearst, Microsoft, J&J, Condé Nast, Mars, Google, Kaiser Permanente, The Telegraph, McDonald’s, American Red Cross and Uber amongst others. WDODTW is read around the world, in over 100 countries and in just 10 editions, became a top 100 technology Substack. Don’t miss out; sign up now.
Stay up to speed with the rapidly evolving AI landscape with our essential industry updates, expert insights, and curated resources that will help you transform your business and stay ahead of the curve.
Dive deep into the rabbit hole of AI breakthroughs, thought-provoking insights, and lively discussions. Embark on an AI adventure with The Rabbit Hole - where curiosity guides you to the future of innovation.