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An AI Filmmaking newsletter that covers the latest news, tools, and resources.
being not doing is a newsletter about mindfulness and meditation, mostly, but also about going beyond the rat race to make the most of the lives we’ve got.
Adding TEXTURE to one's life is a metaphorical expression that suggests bringing variety, richness, and depth to one's experiences. This newsletter aims to help you do that through hand-picked informative, entertaining, and thought-provoking articles from across the web. Or read it if you need a 5-minute distraction.
Quick, actionable growth marketing tactics & tech-savvy tips to scale your small service business with networking opportunities to gain a competitive edge.
Every other week, get an original baking recipe, laugh along with me as I describe the failures it took to develop it, and read my tips so that it turns out well for you.
Morphus is educating women on how they can navigate their menopause journey using nutrition, lifestyle, and supplements. Also, we have a podcast where we interview experts in women’s health during perimenopause and menopause.
Welcome to Olympian Kitchen, created by Olympic silver medallist, Nicola Fairbrother. A place to get healthier bite by bite. Olympian Kitchen is about more than just recipes; it’s about discovering ingredients, improving cooking skills, and understanding nutrition so we can eat healthier.
Insights into the people and the life lessons learned over the past 25+ years in cybersecurity.
Actionable marketing ideas and techniques in practice for Indie Hackers and product marketers.
Chronicles: Your Monthly Source of Inspiration for Social Impact Discover inspiring stories, insightful articles, and exciting opportunities in the social impact industry with Chronicles. This monthly newsletter, run by SOCIAL, is your beacon for fostering a community of passionate individuals driving social impact. Join us and be inspired by the incredible journeys of social entrepreneurs, explore thought-provoking articles on the intersection of technology and social impact, and stay informed about the latest opportunities in the field.
Speaking in Tongues is an online publication which presents the parts of Biblical Scripture that are lost in translation. Each post focuses on the original Greek and Hebrew text and the information in those languages which cannot be rendered in English.
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A newsletter which helps hotels save time, be more organised and increase revenue.
Weekly Health and Wellness tips, tricks, hacks, secrets and more in an easily-digestible 3-5 minute read. Change your life each week for the better!
“AI Newsletter Today” is a unique resource for tech enthusiasts and professionals alike. Our mission is simple: to demystify complex AI research papers and present them in a format that resonates with the tech-savvy reader. Whether you're a seasoned tech expert or just a curious enthusiast, our content is tailored to bring the world of AI closer to you.