Debate Me, Bro is an anarchy 101 for the queer and insincere. Debate Me, Bro is a counter-info project for tired organizers who are sick of hearing “BUT WHAT DO YOU DO ABOUT MURDERERS?” and other easily Googled questions. Debate Me, Bro is sort of a call to trans insurrection, but mostly a call to learn what anarchy is for the love of god.
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This report regularly features some of the best classic cars currently for sale in the united states. Perfect for collectors, investors, and anyone looking to effortlessly find high quality domestic vehicles from the late 1960s to 1990s.
Hello, I will be brief and to the point. I would like to present my new project, BeatBuzzBulletin (, a newsletter aimed at music enthusiasts. With a brief research, I discovered that, although this niche is not new, there is no overwhelming saturation of newsletters, which encourages exponential growth. In our newsletter, we offer a rich variety of content, ranging from breaking music news to exclusive album insights, compelling artist stories, gossip, carefully curated weekly playlists, a calendar of unmissable live events and emerging artist spotlights. Our commitment is to keep our readers informed and entertained, delivering this content with the highest quality possible. In the future, we intend to conduct exclusive interviews with renowned artists, providing our readers with unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to the music industry. I am confident that BeatBuzzBulletin has the potential to become a significant newsletter with a substantial audience. Thank you for your attention and consideration. Best regards, BeatBuzzBulletin
Financial Scoop is a newsletter where we share financial insights in the simplest digestible form that a 10 year old would understand. We break down complex financial concepts into easy-to-understand actionable learnings that helps elevate your financial skills one day at a time.
The essential English-language newsletter on South Korean events. Get smarter about Korean politics, foreign policy, defence, and economics. Focus on Korea brings in-country sourcing of current events in Korean politics, foreign policy, defence, and economic developments to an audience of professionals in Western business and government, supporting decision makers engaging with South Korea.
A 3D printing news daily digest for hobbyists, industry folks, and more! We love to share all the news around the 3D printing community.
Lead AI in Business — with Confidence. Get thought-provoking perspectives on Artificial Intelligence and Generative AI for leaders and hands-on experts. New posts every week. Views are my own.
Yemi’s Newsletter is a curation of my interesting finds on the internet. This includes my humorous, ‘simple English’ breakdowns of popular stories, opportunities for creators and founders and recommendations for interesting tidbits that I think readers might find handy.
Whether you're a seasoned gallerina, a blue-chip collector, fresh out of art school, or simply here because you’re interested, this is a place for anyone and everyone who shares a passion for art. ✨ Learn about the rising stars of the art scene, from artists and collectors, to curators and other professionals. 📚 Read about the latest trends and controversies unfolding in the art world. 🖼️ Discover must-see exhibitions and never miss a beat with our art calendar highlights. Sign up now to receive our weekly musings delivered straight to your inbox.
La newsletter che parla di evoluzione e tecnologie digitali nel mondo del restauro e della conservazione.
Snip-its, stories, and questions to make you stop and think. Live life more intentionally to make the most of it. New articles every Monday Morning, 6:00 am EST.
Essential information and sleep skills for everyone who needs the benefits of a good night’s rest. ‘Be A Skilled Sleeper’ writes at the intersection of sleep medicine, circadian health, and Nature Cure while touching on quantum biology, ancestral health, and longevity. News you can use, written in an engaging style, and delivered to you every Thursday morning. Sleep fuels your life!
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