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Segments of Thought in Process
Weekly link roundup around social justice and creativity
Curated stories of racism to help people develop better-informed opinions about the Black community.
Curious weekly reads for deep feelers & thinkers.
Philosophy for the Insatiably Curious: Free Philosopher Files go out every Thursday and feature the world’s most fascinating thinkers. There are also interviews with contemporary philosophers about the thinkers they love, and the ideas that matter most to them. Looking for Wisdom is run by philosopher and writer Dr. Will Buckingham.
Helping readers deepen their connection to the built, historic, cultural, and natural environment around them.
A newsletter about science fiction, reading, and the future.
A wonderland for the curious.
Monthly recommendations of books by women
Helps creatives make their creative process easier.
A weekly email that highlights local St. Louis businesses, restaurants, breweries, and recent news in a quick, easy-to-read fashion
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