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A newsletter to bring together all my (Conor Kostick) works on one platform and alert readers to new chapters of whatever webserial I am currently writing. Subscribe for free to get the lastest installments of the work in progress, currently Summoned! To Grimworld. I’ll also add out-of-copyright works into the free subscription access as well as one-off essays about LitRPG and SciFi.
I share curated content I stumble across each week. Some of the things I enjoy and will likely share are exciting and thought-provoking videos, music I’m listening to (I’ll be sending out a bonus email each week with music-only content), food and cocktail recipes, creators I come across on social that I think are doing compelling work, and other things as I think of them.
A public notebook of eclectic findings.
Reformed Southerner is an exploration of fiction in short and serial form, ridiculous research performed in the name of storytelling, opining on the mysteries of our lives, and occasionally weighing in on the cultural issues of our time.
Experimental writing. Photography. Some "rational" writing. Stream of consciousness.
ZAN! is a newsletter that amplifies literature, media, and art from creators across the Asian diaspora.
A newsletter that shares poetry, true crime, fiction, and anything else that pops into my brain.
Where your fave Tumblr expat jests. Cause ain't life funny? New and free in your inbox, every other Wednesday.
Imagine this: you wake up to a world filled with enchantment and fascination. That's precisely what the 'Delights of the Ordinary' Newsletter aims to do. It will help you see the world through new eyes, where even the simplest moments become extraordinary. It's all about finding joy and gratitude in the little things that make life truly magical.
Christianity. Gospel. Manhood. Worldview. Literature. Education. Culture.