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This report regularly features some of the best classic cars currently for sale in the united states. Perfect for collectors, investors, and anyone looking to effortlessly find high quality domestic vehicles from the late 1960s to 1990s.
Cultural Tendencies explores our endlessly fascinating and frustrating world. Always curious, often funny, sometimes poignant. A personal take on culture, literature, politics, history, science, democracy, LGBTQ+, AI, and other things that tickle my fancy and hopefully yours.
Work sucks. I know. (Please don't sue me, Blink-182.) Reporting, commentary and analysis on labor, organizing and what work means under late-stage capitalism.
Night Water is a late night pop culture newsletter sending out refreshing posts to quench your thirst. New issues come out most Tuesdays at 11 pm eastern.
Informative stories about the Dominican Republic from an Expat and the input of a Latina
Personal essays, cultural commentary and fiction that encourage you to decide what you believe about yourself and the world at large
This newsletter is about cultivating delightful attention in our little everyday ordinary lives and finding creative ways to make our work culture better. Consider me, also as your online curator, where I delight in sharing with you some happy, thoughtful and creative things or people doing some awesome stuff on the internet.
Cultural tidbits, celebrity gossip, and stuff that's good to know to get you through the day.
Art, history, philosophy, consciousness. Big ideas in bite-size pieces, once a week.
A free newsletter delivering handpicked film, tv, book and podcast recommendations directly to your inbox on the first Monday of every month.
History Today's free weekly newsletter Miscellanies brings you the best new history writing alongside carefully curated content from our archive. Sign up now and the next issue packed with rigorously researched history written with flair and personality will be delivered to your inbox on Thursday!
A newsletter to bring together all my (Conor Kostick) works on one platform and alert readers to new chapters of whatever webserial I am currently writing. Subscribe for free to get the lastest installments of the work in progress, currently Summoned! To Grimworld. I’ll also add out-of-copyright works into the free subscription access as well as one-off essays about LitRPG and SciFi.
I share curated content I stumble across each week. Some of the things I enjoy and will likely share are exciting and thought-provoking videos, music I’m listening to (I’ll be sending out a bonus email each week with music-only content), food and cocktail recipes, creators I come across on social that I think are doing compelling work, and other things as I think of them.
Interviews with people from all walks of life
A public notebook of eclectic findings.