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Ryan Egan shares a new song every Wednesday + dispatches on music life in Paris.
Navigating the magnificent chaos of raising kids: a dad’s perspective on the issues affecting modern parents
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sex, love, fiction, existentialism, death, and more
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Earthwise is a newsletter that combines climate change awareness with initiatives for environmental conservation. We focus on sharing efforts to protect and restore habitats while highlighting inspiring stories of the natural world. We believe in educating our readers on engaging with nature and living sustainably, getting involved in endeavors, and covering the latest news and developments in the fight to protect the planet.
Writings that touch what is natural, meaningful, and essential.
This is a weekly publication melding art and the outdoors -- exploring all things creative and artistic, outdoorsy and adventurous.
We Find All The News Fit To Rock. You Headbang.
The latest in tech, served short and sweet.
Become smarter, one dose at a time.
This is the exclusive showcase for my portfolio of digital art, and experimental music. Each post features a 15 minute long 4K music video. I never use artificial intelligence in my work.
The Recruiting Life is a weekly comic strip and newsletter published every Monday. It offers a whimsical view of the world of work and aspires to educate and entertain.
A bi-weekly newsletter filled with valuable insights on marketing, asset reviews, tutorials, game ideas, inspirations, productivity and motivation tips, and anything that might help you in your game dev journey.