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GOOD INTERNET is a free publication about AI, the psychology of Social Media, Memetics, Technology and science, and some music, art and movies. Sometimes it’s just weird stuff. It’s decidedly lighthearted and fun, with some occasionally depth when needed.
If you live a life with chronic pain…welcome. I’m Nathali, an endometriosis patient and advocate. After being diagnosed in 2010, I spent years in agonizing pain, desperate for solutions, as my symptoms worsened. I started sharing my story from a First Generation American Central American lens to discuss my medical mismanagement, bridging my generational knowledge gap to finally finding endometriosis experts that appropriately treated my disease in 2019. I share resources in English and Español. Now people know, it wasn’t always a resting b*tch face, I was probably in pain.I write about all aspects of living with endometriosis, my excision surgery, dealing with other pain generators in dealing with “endometriosis fallout” and why it is so difficult to get a diagnosis and proper treatment.
Let’s face it: The internet is too big. It’s impossible to consume it all, and honestly, you’re too busy to go looking for it. That’s where Critical Linking comes in. It’s a weekly newsletter run by Cary Littlejohn, a writer/editor who has, at various times, worn the hats of a newspaper reporter, attorney, and teacher, and consumes dozens of magazines, newspapers, websites, newsletters, blogs, podcasts, TV shows, and movies every week to recommend what you should check out. After reading, you’ll never be without something interesting to share, whether around the water cooler at work, on a date over dinner and drinks, or just in your favorite group chat among friends and family. I can't promise you all the must-read content for a given week, but I can promise you everything included will be worth your time.
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In a digital world, nothing’s sweeter than snail mail! Weekly snail mail prompts, templates for your own mailable art projects, and vintage snail mail gems, plus a monthly postcard-sized story based on reader-generated prompts.
Reflexiones sobre mi vida y cómo la voy construyendo en búsqueda de mi propia felicidad.
What Did OpenAI Do This Week? alerts you to everything that’s going on without all the fluff and hot takes. Last week +100 new subscribers included execs from Apple, New York Times, OpenAI(!), Amazon, Tesco, Hearst, Microsoft, J&J, Condé Nast, Mars, Google, Kaiser Permanente, The Telegraph, McDonald’s, American Red Cross and Uber amongst others. WDODTW is read around the world, in over 100 countries and in just 10 editions, became a top 100 technology Substack. Don’t miss out; sign up now.
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This Substack delves into the apparent puzzles of human behaviour. It uses insights from behavioural economics, game theory, psychology, neuroscience, and other behavioural sciences to shed light on the good reasons we behave the way we do.
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Imagine this: you wake up to a world filled with enchantment and fascination. That's precisely what the 'Delights of the Ordinary' Newsletter aims to do. It will help you see the world through new eyes, where even the simplest moments become extraordinary. It's all about finding joy and gratitude in the little things that make life truly magical.
The Possible Path helps childhood trauma survivors recover.