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A nourishing weekly reminder we all need to carve out time for ourselves and embrace the messiness of life, packed with accessible tools, essays, and interviews inspiring an intentional life, with more calm and less chaos. From therapist and artist Grace Cady.
Talks about being diagnosed with ADHD & ASD at 36. Gay guy living in South East of Ireland, also have Multiple Sclerosis and really bad spelling.
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I help you achieve better health through nutrition and other habits.
PCI Weekly is a newsletter for entrepreneurs who want to take their minds to the next level. Whether you want to improve your productivity, creativity, communication, persuasion, or leadership skills, PCI Weekly will show you how to use the power of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, Personal Development, and related disciplines to achieve your goals and dreams.
At The LifeWalk, we explore what makes you, well… You! Archetypes, Human Design, intuitive living, and reframing inner dialogues are just a few of the topics we’ll dive into here.
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Boldly embracing midlife while detoxing from diet culture. Writing from the intersection of food, feminism, health and well-being.
If you live a life with chronic pain…welcome. I’m Nathali, an endometriosis patient and advocate. After being diagnosed in 2010, I spent years in agonizing pain, desperate for solutions, as my symptoms worsened. I started sharing my story from a First Generation American Central American lens to discuss my medical mismanagement, bridging my generational knowledge gap to finally finding endometriosis experts that appropriately treated my disease in 2019. I share resources in English and Español. Now people know, it wasn’t always a resting b*tch face, I was probably in pain.I write about all aspects of living with endometriosis, my excision surgery, dealing with other pain generators in dealing with “endometriosis fallout” and why it is so difficult to get a diagnosis and proper treatment.
Torguide for healing is a compendium of thoughts and ideas about how to navigate spirituality whilst living in the urban.
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