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A weekly review of children's books, old and new, to help you raise readers and build a culture of reading in your home.
CryptoPage is a daily curated crypto publication full of interesting news, passive income, and relevant links.
10-Minute Sunday Stories For Growing Men. Nick Lions' Sunday short-stories are about the life of a middle-aged man and his mission to reclaim his fading superpowers. But Nick isn't just Nick – he is all of us grown men. His stories entertain, motivate and connect. They aim to help men regain their footing in the second half of their lives.
BlogInMail solves the problem of trying to keep up with multiple blogs or websites many times per day (self-induced news fatigue, in a way), by allowing you to get a single email per day with all of the new articles from the day before. It replaces a feed reader and also supports viewing articles from websites that do not have RSS feeds. By helping to create a better habit of only checking ""what's new"" once per day, it should assist you in reducing stress and increasing productivity.
Bettor Secrets is a newsletter focused on sports betting news, tips and tricks from sharps you can’t get anywhere else. Track the key lines and opportunities to max your EV. Win more sports betting in just 5 minutes. Get sports betting insights and entertainment all in one. Sign up now and start betting with an edge: https://bettorsecrets.com.
Analysing the systems underlying economics, business and the world of technology
Celebrating stories, storytelling, and storytellers.
It takes more than a month to learn our history.
Five interesting links sent every second Friday
Bedtime Stories Reimagined - Story Tyke is a free bedtime story email subscription for busy parents. We remove the need to create a new bedtime story from scratch or search for one online by delivering a story right to the inbox at 6 PM Sunday - Thursday. Story Tyke is a fun and engaging bonding activity. Storytelling (without images) also improves literacy skills, creative thinking, and memory recall in children. Bond and educate through an easier bedtime storytelling experience.
The Green Fix is a newsletter that goes out every 2 weeks, sharing information and free practical resources for who’s interested in helping fight the climate crisis and build a greener world.
‘Weekly newsletter sharing knowledge on everyday productivity and ideas you can action today’
The Best of Learning, Design & Technology
A weekly newsletter for people who want to take control of their learning.
A weekly edition with new and exciting newsletter titles for newsletter authors and online creators