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Delivering a satirical take on the news in five minutes. Backed by science, 4 out of 5 doctors recommend for those suffering from Sunday scaries.
a newsletter for curious and smart minds get more value out of the web
Speculative fiction is a great way to learn obscure history & science. Subscribe for free weekly overviews of themed research rabbit holes, or sign up for a supporting membership for early access to fantasy stories & behind-the-scenes explanations of the underlying research.
Thousands of curious minds trust the Weekly Filet for food for thought. Every Friday, a carefully curated set of the best links from around the web.
STOP. KISSING. FINN. is serial fiction for readers of YA. New chapters drop weekly.
Urbanism, culture, idiosyncrasy. Treating the built environment as a fundamental issue that affects everyone. Exploring ordinary places with insight.
Blessed and blissful union of books and Bollywood!
A philosophical theology newsletter exploring divine sovereignty, free will, suffering, morality, and more. Brought to you every Friday by author Steven Colborne.
Welcome to Martiniere Stories! This is the home for all things Martiniere, including short works and rough draft serialized novels. Weekly story post on or around Fridays.
Evidence-based resources to navigate school, career and everything in between.
Deep coverage of the off-the-field forces that shape college athletics, four days a week.
Where authors share their secrets.​
Carrie Bradshaw could never deal with a dating app! Unfortunately, Angie has them all… Whatangiesays is Angie Piccirillo’s free weekly newsletter, reliving and retelling some of her worst dates but like, in a funny-slash-cynical self deprecating millennial way. Subscribe for encounters with uninterested rock stars and other horrible stories she still thinks about too much.
A newsletter about chronic illness and disability representation in media.
Grounded in the Bible provides weekly Bible studies to help you grow in your relationship with God.