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Reflexiones sobre mi vida y cómo la voy construyendo en búsqueda de mi propia felicidad.
UnboundCuriosity's Newsletter A weekly newsletter providing strategies that help us achieve our goals while juggling our creativity and curiosity instincts.
Earthwise is a newsletter that combines climate change awareness with initiatives for environmental conservation. We focus on sharing efforts to protect and restore habitats while highlighting inspiring stories of the natural world. We believe in educating our readers on engaging with nature and living sustainably, getting involved in endeavors, and covering the latest news and developments in the fight to protect the planet.
An objective exploration of under-reported global issues.
fill your heart – feed your soul
Dis you know this? Fun and interesting facts.
For all things sports and pop culture, live life on The Ledge
A chronicle of my Football Manager projects – updated daily
Essays and explorations for deep thinkers and nostalgia seekers.
Gorilla Republic is a fictional crime story about an unlikely daring African gang that sets out to commit heists across the world. Set in the 70s and operating from the sunny picturesque Ilha de Florença off the West African coast, it features Mapacha, Mzee Tembo and Banou. Follow them as they wander the planet enriching themselves off the proceeds of high-worth criminals in a daring high-stakes game. How far are they willing to go? Find out as a new story arrives every other week, with parts released daily till the end of the story.
Navigating social and physical disease
Writing, Books, Reading, basically being creative.
Preparing Students and Parents to 'beat' the GCSE Exams
Discover the latest and greatest Crypto products
inspirational musings on life and spirituality