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Chronicles: Your Monthly Source of Inspiration for Social Impact Discover inspiring stories, insightful articles, and exciting opportunities in the social impact industry with Chronicles. This monthly newsletter, run by SOCIAL, is your beacon for fostering a community of passionate individuals driving social impact. Join us and be inspired by the incredible journeys of social entrepreneurs, explore thought-provoking articles on the intersection of technology and social impact, and stay informed about the latest opportunities in the field.
All-in-one platform to become a new generation citizen developer with extensive resources to boost your career and improve operational efficiency of your company
A newsletter for professionals in trading, tech, and finance.
A free, 6-part leadership email course – tailored to address the unique challenges faced by technical leaders.
Elevate Your Tech IQ! Dive into a weekly flash 💥 of AI, Blockchain, Robotics, and other emerging technologies with the Purple Horizons Dispatch newsletter 📬!
Twice a month we take a look at a technology featured in a movie and catch you up to where it's at in 2023.
Cyber Oracle is your weekly update on cybersecurity innovation! Explore cutting-edge tech, global insights, interesting jobs/internships, and practical tips to secure your digital world. Subscribe now for the latest directly in your inbox!
LevelUp is a must-have weekly newsletter tailored for tech professionals in Latin America aspiring to elevate their global careers. It provides curated insights on international career trends, and bespoke employability advice, and showcases weekly job opportunities with industry-leading companies. Designed to enhance global employability, LevelUp equips its subscribers with the knowledge and tools to break barriers and access worldwide opportunities. By subscribing, you're staying updated and taking a pivotal step toward global career success. Reach for the world with LevelUp.
Find Inspiration For Your Next Startup. Founders: Save countless hours on market research, discover growing SaaS companies, & get started on your next (or first) software venture
Research Bookmark is for UX professionals, serving as a valuable resource hub aimed at enhancing the knowledge and skills of individuals in the field of User Experience (UX). This newsletter aims to deliver regular educational content, foster a vibrant community, and promote continuous learning within the UX community.
A weekly newsletter on tech and business from Jason Michael Perry the CTO with three first names.
A 5-minute weekly email of inspiring 3D printing models, tutorials, tips, tricks, and the occasional funky Benchy.
An irreverent and fun look at technology, building the future, economics and other cool things.
Forests Over Trees connects the dots in tech. You’ll hear tech stories that build on each other, so you get a better idea of what these companies are up to. The goal? Share the bigger picture, so we don’t miss the forest for the trees.