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why (tech) billionaires should be burnt like witches
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A 3D printing news daily digest for hobbyists, industry folks, and more! We love to share all the news around the 3D printing community.
La newsletter che parla di evoluzione e tecnologie digitali nel mondo del restauro e della conservazione.
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We assist start-ups in faster emergence and established companies in digitalizing smoothly. The development office is located in Eastern Europe and Asia with the headquarters in the Netherlands (Amsterdam) and the USA (Las Vegas). Attract Group has been successfully operating on the market since 2011 and has proven its expertise. Our team consists of highly skilled specialists in all branches namely web development, web design, project architecture, application development, and IT Business Consulting.
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Discover the newest sales tools before anybody else. ToolingAround aims to support up-and-coming sales tech tools by connecting them with early adopters who love to embrace innovation.