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A substack for music discovery and discussion — articles with playlists totaling over 40 hours of obscure or under-appreciated music from the 1940s-2020s
no BS, only stuff that we use on a daily basis in our projects. Practical and real-world applications from our music studio.
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Ryan Egan shares a new song every Wednesday + dispatches on music life in Paris.
We Find All The News Fit To Rock. You Headbang.
A serial love letter to the people, art, and experiences that have touched me.
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Every week we review a fresh song from off the beaten track, giving you a rundown on why you should (or shouldn't) check out that artist. Featuring regular contributions from writers, artists from across the world and a tongue in cheek attitude, a single song review is the place to get your ear to the ground.
A weekly list of curated music literature and repertoire, and amazing performances for keeping your ear well-rounded and laser-sharp.
This site is about modern jazz albums from Japan and Japanese musicians. My motivation is to provide straightforward descriptions of jazz recordings from Japanese musicians with photos, audio clips, and links to more information. Rather than a music critic’s album reviews, these are simple introductions of new music to enjoy, jazz from Japan.
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