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Learned is a weekly look a lifelong learning, languages, and daily life. We talk about etymologies, new words, new uses for old words, and all the places we find the words we love.
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Mindfulness for everyday life
The weekly newsletter that increases your cognitive fitness
Nurturing your inner parent with ideas from mindfulness, psychology and neuroscience.
The Playpen is a weekly newsletter for parents of toddlers who want to stay in the loop. Every Friday we shoot out an email brimming with useful original articles, fun ideas, and a ton of interesting content from the web and social media.
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Infusing the mundane with imagination since '95. Personal essays, silly narratives, and thoughtful questions to spark your sense of wonder.
A home to over-feels and over-shares - a public diary, archive and blog discussing identity, wellness, culture and life
A reminder to read more with a curated list of resources about reading and design.
A newsletter about the thoughts of a depressive girl.