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3 things in 3 minutes. Because you have things to do. And reading boring email ain't one of them. 3-in-3 started as a weekly email I blast to a select group of my smart friends. If it creates a �, makes me �, or raises the bar in my future performance, it goes.
A happy morning habit that will feed your daily growth.
An every-other-Monday dose of motivation, positivity, and encouragement to help you self-compassionately support your creative practice and productivity from a foundation of wellness
“saturday mornings” is my weekly email newsletter sent out (you guessed it) every Saturday morning. I share ideas I’m exploring, questions to ponder, actionable productivity tips, practical life advice, and high-quality insights from across the web, as well as a selection of quotes, books, and articles that I think you’ll love. In short, it documents my continual learning in the search for how to live a good life. I certainty don't have all the answers, but I'd love if you came along for the ride.
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Learn by short pieces of information to empower your career; for employees, entrepreneurs, and freelancers.
11 curious things that I thought were worth sharing
The In-Between Newsletter breaks down topics we are often not taught well or at all. Ranging from career, life, and financial topics in a fun and interesting way, this newsletter is sure to help you succeed. Join the growing community by subscribing now!
By 2030 the majority of jobs will require the use of social skills & creativity. Subscribe today to upskill your soft skills for that competitive advantage!
A curation of wonderful articles spanning psychology, creativity, career, productivity, art, books etc.
Human+ is a weekly newsletter that explores how to live intentionally through better thoughts and actions. Through succinct e-mails that anyone can understand, you can apply that week's idea to your life immediately. This newsletter can serve as a perfect supplement to the lengthier self-help books that you read, or it can even stand on its own. I mainly discuss philosophical/abstract ideas and productivity habits that actually work. I don't claim to be a personal-development guru who's hacked the human mind- I'm just someone who is passionate about becoming the best person that I can be and I want to share what I've done (and continue to do) to get there. Overall, the idea is for me to share actionable habits or thoughts that you can use to become a better human.
I love exploring topics on health �, fitness ��, productivity� and self-development � to help both students and millennials navigate life. Every week, I send out a newsletter with learnings I've encountered throughout the week and share them to help folks around the world lead a happy and healthier life!