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Thematic adventure towards self-realization, delivering a modern treatise of humanity and society. Golden, paper airplanes delivered to your inbox, covering: mental models, democracy, social innovation, and financial freedom (side hustles!).
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The purpose of the Fancy Comma, LLC newsletter is to serve as a resource for freelance writers. We talk about what has helped us succeed in the freelance writing world, as well as provide a monthly roundup of useful resources that we encounter on the web.
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Follow my journey from a full-time employee to Full-Time Maker. Every Sunday 10pm EST in your Inbox, I'll share my process & progress. The ups, the downs, and everything in between.
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If you are interested in the world of startups and are an enthusiastic entrepreneur eager to learn and learn new things every day, this is your newsletter. 3 times a month we send our EU-Startups newsletter with the best news, opinions and Europe-related topics, plus you can count on some event discounts and unique funding opportunities.
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How famous tech companies got their first 1000 customers?
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Handpicked articles, news, tools and resources collected from 80+ sources sent once a week