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The purpose of the Fancy Comma, LLC newsletter is to serve as a resource for freelance writers. We talk about what has helped us succeed in the freelance writing world, as well as provide a monthly roundup of useful resources that we encounter on the web.
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Thematic adventure towards self-realization, delivering a modern treatise of humanity and society. Golden, paper airplanes delivered to your inbox, covering: mental models, democracy, social innovation, and financial freedom (side hustles!).
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The Slice is a weekly email that introduces founders devs, freelancers and makers to good reads, emerging tools, SaaS, actionable resources and productivity hacks that help you build, grow and scale your side projects
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A newsletter about growing newsletters. Every week, we break down our best hacks and tips (and biggest fails) to grow your newsletter.
Procrastineur highlights interesting builders, telling their stories and sharing advice from the midst of the fray. Grow with us!