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What Did OpenAI Do This Week? alerts you to everything that’s going on without all the fluff and hot takes. Last week +100 new subscribers included execs from Apple, New York Times, OpenAI(!), Amazon, Tesco, Hearst, Microsoft, J&J, Condé Nast, Mars, Google, Kaiser Permanente, The Telegraph, McDonald’s, American Red Cross and Uber amongst others. WDODTW is read around the world, in over 100 countries and in just 10 editions, became a top 100 technology Substack. Don’t miss out; sign up now.
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Welcome to Hyperopia! I'm Finn, a Data Scientist at Roche, with a passion for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Ethics and using Technology for good. In my newsletter I forage for insights in topics such as innovation, philosophy, psychology and economics. My aim is to bring these to you in an enjoyable, digestable way, so we that can all learn together.
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