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The world is changing, America is changing, and no one has time to keep up with the preposterous, predatory, and prolific amount of financially significant world events. In this newsletter, I aim to cut the fat and chew on the meat of macroeconomic events that may affect the US stock market. I hope to expedite your understanding of global and domestic events, catalyze you into swift, wealth-creating action, and hopefully inspire a laugh or two. My stork of a newsletter will drop a fresh baby of relevant events, insights, and investing advice into your inbox once a week, sometimes more. Subscribe to follow along!
Curated stories of racism to help people develop better-informed opinions about the Black community.
The Newsletter of Funding Opportunities for Creative & Social Impact
Craft beer brewers share tips and insights into their work.
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I love exploring topics on health �, fitness ��, productivity� and self-development � to help both students and millennials navigate life. Every week, I send out a newsletter with learnings I've encountered throughout the week and share them to help folks around the world lead a happy and healthier life!
A weekly curated newsletter of the best from product, design, and development.
Every Tuesday I'll send you a letter with the coolest things I encountered that week. Topics can vary a lot, from exercise and diet all the way to mathematics and data analysis. I try to make the newsletter both educational and entertaining.
Gif recipes, chewed up
Curated newsletter featuring Microsoft 365 ecosystem and covering Exchange Online, SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, modern workplace, productivity, remote work, security, data governance, compliance, licensing, sysadmin stuff including PowerShell, and much more.