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Missing Pages is a podcast that explores the history of the United States and critically examines the high school AP US History curriculum. Through deep dives into key events, people, narratives, and themes, I seek to uncover the fascinating stories and overlooked perspectives that make up America's rich and complex past. From colonial times to the present day, no topic is off-limits as we explore the triumphs, tragedies, and everything in between. Get ready for a journey through the missing pages of history.
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Debate Me, Bro is an anarchy 101 for the queer and insincere. Debate Me, Bro is a counter-info project for tired organizers who are sick of hearing “BUT WHAT DO YOU DO ABOUT MURDERERS?” and other easily Googled questions. Debate Me, Bro is sort of a call to trans insurrection, but mostly a call to learn what anarchy is for the love of god.
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The essential English-language newsletter on South Korean events. Get smarter about Korean politics, foreign policy, defence, and economics. Focus on Korea brings in-country sourcing of current events in Korean politics, foreign policy, defence, and economic developments to an audience of professionals in Western business and government, supporting decision makers engaging with South Korea.
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