Learned is a weekly look a lifelong learning, languages, and daily life. We talk about etymologies, new words, new uses for old words, and all the places we find the words we love.
‘Weekly newsletter sharing knowledge on everyday productivity and ideas you can action today’
Making hospitality more sustainable
At Know All Sides, we publish our weekly newsletter that discusses both sides of the most important issues ‒ all under 5 minutes! We handpick interesting issues from a wide range of topics (social, political and ethical issues) and condense a diverse set of perspectives in one article. We encourage you to be aware of your bias (even the slightest!), and ask yourself, “Have I considered a different perspective?”
WP Owls is a place created especially for WordPress fans. Every week you will find the latest news from the world of WordPress.
A weekly foreign affairs newsletter but different. Written by two former diplomats, it's insightful, irreverent and fun. No insider jargon, just digestible analysis with a few lols thrown in!
The Green Fix is a newsletter that goes out every 2 weeks, sharing information and free practical resources for who’s interested in helping fight the climate crisis and build a greener world.
How to Think Critically & Cashflow Unconventionally
The purpose of the Fancy Comma, LLC newsletter is to serve as a resource for freelance writers. We talk about what has helped us succeed in the freelance writing world, as well as provide a monthly roundup of useful resources that we encounter on the web.
Curated content and news for content technology and digital experience professionals.
Scripture meditations, theology topics, poems, stories, and more.
The Newsletter About Unity Game Dev
The Week in Review newsletter brings you all the most important stories of the week, every week, from our unapologetically progressive perspective. New editions every Friday evening!
Community building basics, best practices, templates, and musings for community-first entrepreneurs, community managers and organizers.