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A port where journeymen rediscover hidden ways to size their own potential in the US through world architecture, super-volcanoes, village-family heritages, faraway restaurant systems, noise v. worth perception, & traditional-modern professional mobility. - Great for those with mixed heritages, those with world-oriented interests, expats, foreign students, first generation migrants, ancient wisdom enthusiasts, and world travelers
My thoughts on pursuing a soft life full of joy, ease, self-love, comfort, growth and abundance.
This newsletter is about domain name opportunities for starting an online business or a side project. It includes news about available domain names at auctions or recently expired domains that can be registered for free.
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🎉 Introducing the Niche Scout Newsletter! 🎉 Ever felt lost in the vast sea of blogging niches? Overwhelmed with where to start? I’ve been in those shoes, and I know the struggle all too well. 😓 That's why I'm bringing a game-changer to your inbox! Here's the scoop: Every week, I’ll unveil 5 hidden gem blogging niches specially chosen for their potential and uniqueness. But that's not all! 🌟 Each niche comes packed with a list of low competition keywords to give you the head start you've been craving for. No more wading through clichéd topics. No more second-guessing. Just pure, unfiltered gold, waiting for you to capitalize on. 🚀 The best part? This treasure trove is 💯% FREE! Dive in and discover your next blogging success story. 🌈🔍
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The Latent Book Club throws our spotlight on the best books that lurk in the shadows, that you have probably missed. We then wring the hidden meaning from them: in our analysis, in our interpretation, than one might at the first pass. In this way we expose what is concealed: by finding the esoteric, and exposing its secrets.
What's Happening in China is a weekly newsletter that curates the latest and most important news and developments from China so you can stay in the loop effortlessly. Every Saturday, I'll send you a digest covering politics, society, economy, culture, technology, and more. In addition, each issue may include: curated academic reports, institutional reports, and links to other newsletter posts, providing a well-rounded and in-depth perspective on China and its current affairs. Whether you are a businessperson, investor, government official, academic, media outlet, or general reader, if you want to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in and related to China, I encourage you to subscribe.
What if magicians are just dirty liars? Did you know that knick knacks can make the difference between life and death? Let me guide you into the world of classic rock with my definitive, in-depth analysis. I can also fix all sports. In short, I have an opinion about everything, and this blog is the place to share it. If you enjoy humorous - yet deadly serious - takes on all the topics you love (or hate), then gather 'round and watch me shout from The Stump.
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Embracing Enigmas provides detailed breakdowns of what it takes to successfully apply AI, machine learning, and data science within an organization; easy ways to discern hard concepts that are shaping the world; and understanding of where the future is going.